Karen Hilfman Millson

Karen Hilfman Millson

    Authentic Connection Coach
   Reconnection Facilitator
Consultant & Speaker

Committed to

Creating Circle Culture: 

An intentional way of being

of deep connection to

Authentic Self and Source

to create space

for emerging future possibilities

of wellbeing and wholeness!

Karen Hilfman Millson is an Authentic Connection Coach and Reconnection Facilitator. 

Her 13 point “Connection Strategy” helps people to awaken and reconnect to their core power, wisdom and creative possibilities. 

Karen weaves together her 28 years of experience and training with her passion to de-clutter inner-landscapes from the boulders that trip us up and the baggage that weighs us down that keep us from plugging into the wonder of our awesome authentic self. 

Through coaching individuals, circles, teams and communities, Karen helps create space within self and community for the re-emergence of Circle Culture of wholeness and well-being.




“Circle Culture derives from an intentional way of being in which we:

~ listen deeply; 

~ speak from our heart, mind and experience;

~ create space to connect to Wisdom within us and amongst us;

~ honour our own and each other’s gifts; 

~ commit to action to move toward change;

~ encourage, support and be accountable to one another as we seek to live a vision of wholeness;

~ discover clarity and creativity emerging in our midst;

~ align with the intuitive flow of life.

The culture emerges as we connect to our core wisdom and creativity at the center of our authentic self.”  

–Karen Hilfman Millson

Life Coaching

to Enhance Circle Culture and Living an Authentic Life.

Team Building

Based on Circle Culture Principles.

Workshops and Retreats

To deepen the experience of authentic connection to self, other and wisdom and create space for the creativity of Circle Culture.

Freedom of Living

Learn to live with freely without blame or judgement.

Creating Circle Culture

Building relationships and a safe environment for creative ideas to emerge.

Journey Back to Yourself

Workshops and one on one coaching with Karen Hilfman Millson