Saturday February 22nd

       10:00 – 4:00

Freedom From Blame & Judgment: Speak Truth Simply


Truth to Skylar!

A Communication Workshop… to Set You Free!

Skylar! represents the annoying, frustrating, irritating people, we all encounter! 

We often deal with the Skylars of the world in one of three ways:

We stay quiet but steam inside….                                                                                                                                                                                                               We blow up and say exactly how we feel….                                                                                                                                                                                                  Or, some of us talk so much trying to be nice that the other person is left wondering what we were talking about! 


It is speaking truth simply without blame or judgment.  Come and try it!!!!!

$80:00  $50.00!

Down By the Bay

117 Mississaga Street East, Orillia – Brewery Bay Event Room

To Register

705 325 7998

Listen with curiosity

Speak with honesty

       Connect with kindness  

Pre-empt conflict  ~  Dive deep  ~  Have fun!

Bring a notebook, & plan to order your lunch from Brewery Bay.   

   Of course, bring a friend or two as well!!!!        




Freedom from Blame and Judgement:

Learning to Speak Truth Simply


Are you tired of your usual way of dealing with a difficult situation:

1) keeping quiet; 2) blowing up;

or 3) talking around the issue without bringing clarity?

There is a 4TH WAY! It leads to healthier relationships and calmer minds.

Learn to Speak Truth Simply without Blame or Judgment at this workshop.



Intentionally diminish blame and judgement in daily life

Deepen connection to your authentic core

Speak truth simply in difficult situations

Recognize blame and judgement

Listen with curiosity 


Heightened awareness of your inner process and your inner chatter

Clarity about the difference between judgement and discernment

Well practiced tools to speak truth simply in moments of conflict

Better relationships – all our relations are impacted

Minds become calmer and energy becomes freer



     One Day Workshop – Saturday February 22  {10:00 am – 4:00 pm}

117 Mississaga Street East, Orillia – Down By the Bay Event Room
If you wish to purchase your lunch – order it when you arrive and it will be delivered at lunch break 

      Workshop Fee:  $80  $50



Karen Hilfman Millson

Authentic Connections Life Coach

Circle Facilitator & Guide


Focuses on ways to shift

toward wholeness and wellbeing

as we deepen our connection to

our authentic core and the divine within


Email Karen:

Phone Karen: 705 325 7998


More Info about Karen’s work


An example

Last week when I answered the phone and I could see it was from Steve, a major client, I had been in the middle of a complex conversation with a friend and ended up being very scattered speaking to him.  That scene kept bouncing up in my mind at various intervals and if that energy could speak it would probably be saying   ‘scattered’ or ‘why do I always do that’.

So I tried Speaking the Truth Simply to oneself… taking action …. and then releasing and detaching …..

When I talked to Steve last week my sentences were not connected clearly.

I was in the middle of a complex conversation and the transition didn’t land.

(This is a repeating pattern I want to change, starting now.)

Next time I see Steve’s name on the screen, I will wait three rings to compose myself.

This is based on a ‘releasing practice’ to diminish worrying (detachment!)  It goes like this:

What is the situation?

What do I need to do about it?

Have I done everything that I need to do about it?

Once I feel that the action is complete I then release the negative energy but keep the lesson and the intention…. which is the action.



Imagine that out in front of you there is a bubble.  This bubble is here for you when you want to release any negative baggage (whether it is blame or judgment, fear, cynicism, resentment, old programming about seeing lack everywhere rather than abundance).  Allow the thoughts and patterns that you have recognized limit you or pester you, flow into the bubble, filling it with lots of yucky, foggy stuff.  Scan your body, your mind and your heart to see where any of it is hiding and let it stream into the bubble.

Now see a second bubble come toward you.  It stops by the first bubble and a filter is created between the two bubbles.  Allow all your personal power to flow from the first bubble into the second bubble.  You are filtering out all your personal power that gets wrapped up in things like blame and judgment.  Filter out the lesson you have learned from the situation and the action and intentions you will follow, along with your personal power but leave the blame and judgment in the first bubble.

Now imagine moving the second bubble that is filled with your personal power and insights over your head where you burst it so that all the power that is filling this radiant bubble fills up all the spaces within you where you carried the stuff that no longer serves you.

With the first bubble you can do one of two things.  Either pop it and let in disintegrate into the earth and be transformed back into divine love by mother nature or see it drift upwards to heaven where it is transformed and cleansed by divine love and then comes streaming back to you as clear brilliant streams of light energy.