A Poetic Vision ~ The Longings of Our Souls


from The 2007 Collection of Poetry by Karen Hilfman Millson

 The Poetry of the Cosmos

sings deep in our soul


it is waiting to be heard awakened in stillness

carried on the breeze in the trees heard in the songs of the birds

and in the sound of laughter shared

The Poetry of the Cosmos twirls in our midst

calling us to life and laughter and play

inviting us into a dance of joy

beyond the ego borders

that limit and sever connection

by the power of fear


The Poetry of the Cosmos

beckons us to trust and delight

in this world of awe-filling experiences

that continuously present themselves

if we are open to see


The Poetry of the Cosmos

connects to the song of our heart

and weaves together the passions of our souls

to create a tapestry filled with boldness

of colours and textures, shapes and intricacies

that are beyond the limitations

we place on our imaginings


The Poetry of the Cosmos

is all around us and deep within us



and let it lead us in a joyful dance

into life filled with the abundance of

resources shared

creation honoured

each one known to be loved

and wholeness lived


The Poetry of the Cosmos is amongst us

standing on the tiptoeof anticipation

for the moment of our awakening