3 Simple Steps to Feeling Good about Setting Goals

The biggest problem I see is that people goal set all the time and don’t accomplish them. Or people stopped setting goals because it makes no difference. People are moving along day by day without any clear vision for their life. They settle for less, and just accept what life gives them. I felt I

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Edge of a New Day …. Renewal of Kindness

EDGE OF A NEW DAY RENEWAL OF KINDNESS Sermon by Karen Hilfman Millson St. Paul’s United Church September 11, 2011 Two weeks ago in the very early hours of Sunday morning as the new day was dawning, I was standing in the ancient sacred site in England of “Stonehenge”. I was there in a group

Faced With A Choice

FACED WITH A CHOICE   Margaret Mead, “Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”   Gandhi, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”   Jesus, “I have come that you may life and have it abundantly.”  

New Beginnings …. Leaving the Masks Behind

New Beginnings Westminister Weekend for Women by Karen Hilfman Millson June 2001 New Beginnings. .......... thoughts over these past months. I would like to begin my reflections today by sharing some of my own story of discovery and claiming spirituality in my life. One of the things that I have learned on the journey is

Karen Hilfman Millson Completes Ministry at St Paul's in Orillia

Newspaper Release March 2013       PICTURE TO GO WITH THIS PLUS EDITS FROM BLAIR PUT IN Rev. Karen Hilfman Millson Completes Ministry at St. Paul’s United Church   Reverend Karen Hilfman Millson will be completing her ministry at St. Paul’s United Church on April 7th after serving for more than 17 years as

Spiritual Journey- The 2 Circles

The Spiritual Journey- The 2 Circles   A key framework of developing Circle Culture for me rests on a foundational understanding of the importance of the spiritual journey being rooted in seeking to live our lives out of our Authentic Self. To share this concept, which has woven through our theological thinking over many centuries,

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Why is it called “Circle Culture”?

  THE CHOICE OF THE PHRASE CIRCLE CULTURE   Why did I finally, after much soul searching and prayer, choose to use the phrase Circle Culture? The phrase Circle Culture is an attempt to capture the profound impact that we have seen develop through our efforts at St Paul’s in Orillia to be in healthy

A Time of Transition

ARTICLE IN WOMEN’S CONCERNS A TIME OF TRANSITION     “A Time of Transition” Excerpt from an article published in Women’s Concern Magazine in 1997   by Karen Hilfman Millson   (This is being used as the basis for the online group on Conscious Evolution that I am developing with Suzanne Hubbard – daughter of

Creating a World of Peace Workshop using Small Group Model

ARTICLE IN MANDATE 2010 OF A WORKSHOP USING SMALL GROUP PROCESS by Karen Hilfman Millson   CREATING A WORLD OF PEACE A WORKSHOP FOR CHILDREN OR YOUTH OR PEOPLE OF ALL AGES ~ Article in Mandate Magazine Article November 2010 ~     Theme for Advent – Creating a World of Peacefor use in a

Spiritual Practice Ho’oponopono

EDGE NEWSLETTER ARTICLE ~ A SPIRITUAL PRACTICE 2012 by Karen Hilfman Millson   Last summer I was introduced to a spiritual practice that I have experienced as significantlyhelpful. My understanding is that it comes from Hawaii. While I was there this spring for a spiritual pilgrimage with 77 people from all over the world, it