Goal Setting

The biggest problem I see is that people goal set all the time and don’t accomplish them. Or people stopped setting goals because it makes no difference. People are moving along day by day without any clear vision for their life. They settle for less, and just accept what life gives them. I felt I was doing the same thing, until I found a clear step by step system that has proven to change people’s lives dramatically.

Can you imagine setting a goal and accomplishing it. Making you feel self-full-filled and more confident in other tasks you take on. It produces a compounding effect that trickles into other aspects of your life such as your health, relationships and career.  It increases your level of enthusiasm and enjoyment of life.  By using this process, you connect with your authentic wisdom and honor who you are.

For me, finding my authentic self-helped me discover my life purpose. It provided me with an extra jolt of energy every moment in life as I now have learned to enjoy the little things, rather than just focusing on myself. In this process, I realized I let go of something that is usually everybody’s biggest enemy. The Ego – something that separates us from ourselves and the people we engage. When I learned to let go of my ego I decided to take full responsibility of my actions and results of my life. Letting go of my Ego, allowed me to reach out and find goal seeking methods to improve my life, and this is where I stumbled upon this amazing system.

The goal system was taught by Dr. Robert Anthony. It is described in 3 easy steps:

1. What do you desire in your life that you don’t have right now?

  • Make sure it is risky, measurable and has a time limitation.
  • Identify and list 10 desires for 2014
  • This will allow you to be crystal clear with what you desire

2. From each of the 10, rate them 1 to 10 on a True Heart Desire Intensity Scale (THDIS)

  • This will allow you choose what is most important, making it easier for you to achieve you goal
  • Heart connection is a critical aspect. The strong feeling is what will increase your motivation and energy to follow through with your goal.

3. Pick the 10’s and FOCUS on them.

  • What you focus on expands.
  • This will allow you to feel like you are closer to your goals, making you feel happier and more authentic to yourself.

To wrap it up, this system has changed mine and many other’s lives. I have been goal setting for the past one year, and my life has dramatically changed in a positive direction. It is three simple steps, that anybody can do. Once you change your life, my philosophy is to “pay it forward” so you can teach it to others and together we can CHANGE THE WORLD!

by a team of 3 including me at a training with Paul Tobey ~ Business Pros