“Words or phrases describing the impact on my life of this small group: connection, vulnerability, deep sharing, acceptance, valuing of my individuality. Impact of the circle culture beyond the small group: a deepening sense of God at work in continuing Spirit sightings and an awareness of the vigilance necessary if I am not to miss a Spirit sighting.” — George

“It was interesting to learn about a process by being part of the process. We were a small intentional group that evidenced the power of this approach. We did not miss a session and we were committed to each other’s wellbeing and yet I also found that I personally grew enormously in just a few weeks. It was exciting to learn that things that I had sought to practice intuitively could be identified as deliberate technical skills to better facilitate groups of any kind.” – Terry

“I have so many more tools at my finger tips to help my congregation be healthy..… For me personally, being a part of small group culture (which I now call circle culture) has helped me be aware of God sightings during my day. It has helped me live from a place of freedom rather than from fear, trusting that I am in the exact place and time that I need to be and that what I need will come in the right moment. I find I do not need to be defensive or react to conflict with fear. It has helped me listen for God in my life and trust God in others more. Having been part of creating a covenant now about 10 times, I find that each one is fresh and that my way of being together with the group rubs off in my way of being in my everyday life.” – Ruth

“Circle culture has significantly deepened my sense and experience of spirituality; healing miracles occur in circle where otherwise may not have (which I have seen); circles have brought me a much deepened awareness of others in a group; I’ve learned how to create a covenant and why that’s so vital to a group; I’ve learned concepts that I choose to take out into other community groups or even family gatherings; I’ve learned through circle culture why it’s important to take care of your own needs; I’ve learned to be more open to Spirit more frequently…to be aware of what we call “Spirit Sightings”. This could be a feeling with a friend, the look of a leaf, the snow or simply just a different way of looking at things; I’ve learned to be much more grateful.” – Lynn

“This course is absolutely essential to anyone who is stuck in blame and/or judgment.  The tools I took away from this course are having an impact in my daily life.  The clutter that was in my brain is gone! I feel so free… from blaming others, from having judgments on myself or on others.  I am relaxed within myself for the first time!  The course allowed me to learn new tools and to practice them in group, then to go out and work with them in the real world knowing how successful they would be.” – Jan

“I believe that speaking the truth simply has helped me reclaim my personal power and released me from blaming others for my unhappiness.  Practicing this tool takes courage, commitment and self-discipline but the payback is freedom, confidence and contentment.” – Louise